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How to Avoid Tolls on Google Maps

How to Avoid Tolls on Google Maps

Lets get right to the point:

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Enter Address
  3. Tap car icon on bottom right
  4. Tap more icon on upper right (3 vertical dots)
  5. Tap Route Options
  6. Choose Avoid Tolls

This little trick saved me when i was traveling in an unknown city.

How to get Technically Great Images with an iPhone 4s

I started my photography back in the 70s with a SLR hand me down from my dad. I have always enjoyed the versatility of that camera.  I also love Medium Format Cameras,  talk about some great images.  Now I have a Nikon D70 DSLR and Nikon D70s DSLR which I love.  Go here and see the kind of images that this camera is capable of. This is the best camera for the money.

But now I see people making really great images with an iPhone. I’m thinking it can’t be. I can’t tell that they were taken with a phone camera.  Well it is true and i have learned that you can’t just snap a photo like i can with my dslr.  Here is what you will need to capture the best images:

  1. Get a camera app that allows you to capture raw images (tiff format).  ProCamera 8 or Pureshot
  2. Make sure your app you use for editing allows you to same in tiff format.  Filterstorm Neue or Enlight
  3. Yes, it’s that simple.

I was surprised at how much my image quality improved after using two of these apps.

I am still a DSLR photographer, but now I can create still life with my phone and don’t feel like I always need to have my DSLR with me.


What I like about my Nikon D70.

  1. You can buy the Nikon D70 or D70s (exact same camera except with a larger LCD) for less than $100.
  2. If you loose it or damage it, you can easily afford to buy another one or own 2 to start with.
  3. The best lens made for this camera is actually the cheapest, Nikon 50mm 1.8 for less than $105.

Naturally Help Your Body Rebuild its Free Form Testosterone

Another good book I’m reading:  Jailhouse Strong.


Below are some measures to consider in order to naturally help your body rebuild its free form testosterone:

1.  Get plenty of rest
2.  Exercise regularly
3.  Eat more unsaturated fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, with a good balance of Omegas 3 and 6
4.  Supplement with herbal extracts such as Fenugreek, Eurycoma Longifolia, and Tribulus Terrestris
5.  Avoid long durations of carbohydrate depletion

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10 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Testosterone

This is my Short List of things I can do to increase my testosterone, as I am not one to take a pill.

  1. Loose Weight
  2. Intermittent Fasting, 16 hr fast with a 8 hr eating window. For me my 8 hr window is 12 noon to 8 pm.
  3. High-Intensity Exercise
  4. Put Zinc in your diet, protein-rich foods like meats,fish,raw milk, raw cheese, beans, and yogurt or kefir made from raw milk or supplement of zinc, less than 40 mg a day
  5. Lift Heavy Weights Slow
  6. Get enough vitamin D, best source is the sun. expose skin at high noon until it is the slightest shade of pink.  D3 supplement can be taken, 8,000 IU’s of vitamin D per day.
  7. Reduce Stress
  8. Eliminate all sugar products, bread, pizza, pasta, cookies and cake from your diet, this will also help greatly on #1(i have taken this further to eliminate all processed foods.
  9. Consume Healthy Fats
  10. Get at least 8 Hours of sleep per night

This is a Live Writer Test Post

I am always searching for a way to make posting easier, faster.  My life is so busy that I cannot even get on a schedule for posting on a regular basis. 

trestleAs I look down the road of my life, I can see that I don’t accomplish all that I could because of my lack of focus.  I have so many projects going at one time that I don’t finish most of them before I am on to another bunch.

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Free WordPress Installation!

Free WordPress Installation!

So many people don’t get started online because of a learning curve.  So I want to help you out.  Get your hosting thru my links and I will setup your blog with all the required plugins including security.

Are you stuck in deciding on a Domain Name?  I can help.. it is very important to have your Brand Identity consistent across all platforms,,,Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, pintrest, and many more. So choosing a name is not as easy as it sounds.  Is your domain name available across the social media sites that you want?  I can do this search for you and let you know what is available.   So when someone searches for you all your social media sites have a much better chance showing up.  This is vitally important!

So you need a WordPress Blog setup? I can do it for you and have you running in no time. I will setup all of the following plugins:

Setup your Blog with a World Class Framework
All In One SEO
Google Sitemap
W3 Total Cache
Twitter account
Youtube Channel account
You blog will be formated for mobile browsing including Phones & Tablets
Automatic backup
Email with Spam Filtering

How to qualify for this service:

1)  Email me and tell me you are interested and we will begin brainstorming for your domain name and I will search different variations across 500 social media platforms.  Then-

2)  Purchase your hosting and domain name Here

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4)  Then you just need to email your receipt to  and I will get to work.

“This video is currently unavailable.” “Learn more” on iPhone

“This video is currently unavailable.” “Learn more” on iPhone

I was checking out my site with my iPhone 4s and noticed that my videos were not able to be played. So I surfed over to some other sites and the same thing happened. My videos are embedded using HTML5. So that wasn’t the problem.

I found the problem to be with my iPhone. to fix this problem you need to do the following:
Go to settings->safari->Clear cookies and data, it will fix the problem. Or so it has for me.

If there is another solution I would love to hear it in the comments.


3 REAL Traffic Strategies for your Blog That WORK!

3 REAL Traffic Strategies for your Blog That WORK!

Once you have a good base of articles, you need to start thinking about traffic to your site. This is not as easy subject to condense into a simple blog post. This is an introduction to my future lessons. You will need to think of how much time you can devote to your traffic plan. and pick a technique that is simple for you and easy for you to master on a consistent basis.

There Are No Tricks, There Are No Secrets, There Is Only Great Information.

The Number 1 Best traffic strategy is:  Organic Traffic.
You’ve heard me say it all the time. you can not do any better that great articles on your site. You will rank higher and longer than any other technique. Of course it will take longer for you to get the rankings, but the rankings will be rock solid and last. And again I repeat nothing is better than ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

ORGANIC TRAFFIC = is defined as: Web traffic which comes from unpaid listing at search engines or directories is commonly known as “organic” traffic. Organic traffic can be generated or increased by including the web site in directories, search engines, guides (such as yellow pages and restaurant guides) and award sites. Anything else is just temporary traffic.

I had a traffic system i was working on my site for over a year, And without going into much detail, it was generating 3/4 of my monthly traffic. I was using a special automated software I had spent over $100 for that would bring targeted traffic to my site, and one day the software owner decided to shut down. I lost all my traffic that was generated by that software. I had to figure out another technique. so I had to find a new system for Generating my Site traffic. And so the cycle continues… Not anymore.

Now I will give you a break down of the 3 Organic Traffic Strategies, Fastest and Easiest to the Slowest and Difficult.

#1  Written Content:  These are your blog posts.  Your content on your site.  Each post should be at least 300 to 800 words.  Contain at least one picture.  Your post must be orginal information, and if possible be ground shaking in its impact on your readers. (According to who?) It doesn’t matter who.  It matters that you shoot for this goal.  Some post will be truely great and some will not. But over time you will have more great than not.  You will be successful.
Here are a few examples of where you can use your written content:
Blog Posts
Article Marketing
Guest Posting
Blog Commenting
Email Marketing
Social Marketing: Twitter or Facebook

#2  Video Content:  These are videos you add to your site.  You will host theses on a video sharing site and embed them on your site. The most popular being Youtube. There are others, but this is where you want to be.  You can video yourself talking about your info or make screen casts on your computer, or powerpoint presentations.  Make the videos like show and tell clips.  Keep them short and packed with information, not fluff.  You have already written your script for these…. remember your blog post?  After researching your blog post when the information is fresh in your mind is the perfect time to to make a video.  Your mind will be well organized, and you will have more excitement to make the video when it is fresh in your mind.

#3  Audio Content:  These are audio recordings that people can listen to at home or on the go on their smart phone or on their car radio.  Yes you heard me right, they will listen on their car radio with these recordings.  People that commute (like myself) listen to podcast from the itunes directory while driving.  These are know as Podcast in the file format as MP3.  This medium is for people that can speak information easier than writing.  This is by for the hardest and most time consuming to do right.  But it will bring the most traffic and interaction for your site.

All of these traffic Methods will bring you organic traffic,  AS LONG AS you don’t relay on Automated software to do it for you. Here is a break down of the Methods in amount of traffic that will be created.

#1  Written:  Everyone has a blog it seems.  You will be competing with sometimes thousands of sites.  Can you write better than 90% of them?  or 75% better?  only you can determine that.  So this method will be the hardest to rank for in Search Engines.

#2  Video:  Less people have a Youtube Channel.  Youtube is the second most popular search engine. (Google being #1 for written)  If you search for your topic there will be less competition for you.  So it will be easier for you to get noticed on Youtube than on Google.  Also you will show up in Google for video.  Have you ever noticed that on Google searches that on the first page you will see “Shop for Blank on Google” and also a video listed and also  “Images for Blank” listed (the reason for putting at least one image in your posts).  Just do a search for “go kart” and you will see what I am talking about.

#3  Audio:  Even Less People have a Podcast.  Being listed on Itunes will rock you with traffic.  When I did the research for starting a podcast there was only 25 other podcast I would be competing against for traffic.  Whoa!!! not thousands or even hundreds.  So I will definitely get noticed.  This is by far the most difficult to setup, but also the most rewarding and the most interactive with your community.  This one I have yet to accomplish, but it is definitely in the works for the near future.

With these methods I have been able to take a break from my blogging for months and my traffic has not decreased.  Think of it as building your foundation.  At first you will be adding content to your blog weekly or even daily.  After a year or two you will be able to take a break and not lose anything if you have built a rock solid foundation relying only on Organic Traffic.

If you need a personalize plan of attack for any of the 3 Methods, Just email me and I will write you a strategy based on where you are.  Believe me you can do all three and all the options under all 3.  A great plan would look something like this:

1st and a must –  Blog – chose one of the three:  Written Blog, Video Blog or Audio Blog and post everyday or week.
2nd choose one of the four:  Blog Commenting or Guest Posting & Twitter or Facebook and do this everyday.
3rd repeat this, over and over.

This is simple and doable.  Won’t take much time and can be done daily or weekly. Of course the more frequently you do it the faster your traffic willl grow.

If you would like to read a Great Book on this, grab a copy of

Gary really know his stuff and knows how to keep it simple. Really a Must Read!