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How to Get Your WordPress Post to Rank Well

How to Get Your WordPress Post to Rank Well

If you are having trouble with your post rankings in the search engines, then let me tell you about a Keyword plugin for WordPress that you may not know about.  It is Keyword Winner. It is incredibly easy to use and to setup and it gives me data when I go to write a post right in the Add New Post screen. All I have to do is type in my post title and hit the Get Keyword Winner Suggestions and it gives me a list of keywords color coded from red to orange to green.  Green being the keywords with the least amount of competition. I can even drill down deeper if I choose.

Then after I have posted my post I go to my All Post Page and view my post and there I can see my Google position for my post and the previous position change info and the post page rank.  This is excellent data to have at your finger tips. I suggest you check out Keyword Winner and see for your self how great this plugin is. You can get it at Keyword Winner Website.

Have you got a plugin that you would recommend?  Tell me about it.

Post Update: 10 hours after posting this post, it is ranked #8 in Google for my keywords. Hmmm, now I will tweak my post to achieve better rankings. I can see this data instantly in my WordPress Dashboard for all my post. What a great plugin.

Post Update:  1 week later this post has achieved #1 position on Google!