Give Your Subscribers What They Want….

Give Your Subscribers What They Want….

How many times have you checked out a blog and it looks like a site with good information, you browse around a little and then you subscribe to their newsletter. Then in a few days you start getting email from the blog that is nothing more than telling you how great what they have to recommend is. You click on the link in the email and it sends you to a squeeze page that just wants you to buy something.  You don’t get any USEFUL information in their emails.  You just keep getting email after email offer. You can tell they are just in it for the money.   They really don’t care to offer any help to anyone.  I have emailed a few sites to ask for advice or help just to see if they would respond… guessed it nothing happened. I subscribe to about 20 sites a week, and don’t see much value in the newsletters, just lots of offers.

If you want to make an impact online and build a huge list for your blog, write great, valuable  information and give it away in your newsletter and people will stay subscribed to your list and your following will grow HUGE. You will become the authority for them.  Then you can recommend product and services and make an income the will surpass most of the other bloggers and websites. Remember the “money is in the list”. But before you get to that your subscribers needs come first. Give them the useful and valuable information that they seek. Then your list will trust you and your recommendations.   And the money will come.

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  1. Thanks for your article – makes perfect sense… No one likes being sold-to, except perhaps once in a while…

    Can you offer any advice as to how to best split valuable content between the blog and the newsletter?


    • David,
      My blog is the first place of contact with my community. If a person likes the info on my blog they probably will subscribe to my newsletter. To make that very attractive, I offer premium content to my newsletter subscribers. Information not found on my blog. Not only do they get the best information I have to offer, but it is delivered to them by email automatically and I include in my newsletter my "not published" personal email address so if they have any questions we can communicate one on one.

      So my content is split into blog information and premium newsletter content. Make your website information great and your newsletter information awesome. People come to your website and think it is great and want more, so they subscribe to your premium content newsletter and then they are even more impressed with you and your info. You will build a strong community.

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