How to Setup a Home Video Studio Cheap

How to Setup a Home Video Studio Cheap

If you are looking to make some videos for your website and want the best possible results with the smallest investment, I have some ideas for you.  The equipment I use to shoot my videos:

Canon PowerShot A560 used on Amazon for about $40
Digital Concepts TR-60N Camera Tripod with Carrying Case $20
Designers Edge E-245 Incandescent Clamp Light, 6-Foot Cord $10 ea
Eiko ECT 120v 500w Photo Flood Lamp $6
Eiko Supreme Photoflood Light Bulb $6
B & D Seamless Background Paper, 107″ wide x 12 yards, Black, #44 $33

The lights I use get very hot, so you can probally substitute compact flourescent bulbs and get the same results.  I have my studio set up all the time, so it is very fast for me to create my videos.

So now on to the videos.  The 1st video is shot with my 2nd Generation Iphone.  This video shows you how I have my studio setup.

The 2nd video is shot with the Canon PowerShot A560 at the larger size setting and as you can see it has very good quality. 640 x 480 video size.

The 3rd video is shot with the same camera and at the smaller size quality and as you can see there is not much difference. 320 x 160 video size.

Ok that is how I do my videos.  If you have any other ways that you do yours leave a comment.

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7 Responses to How to Setup a Home Video Studio Cheap

  1. Hi Todd,

    There's some great information here and, for a change, I have been able to view all 3 videos without being plagued by the usual buffering that ends up stalling my Internet connection.

    I have a Fujifilm Finepix E-550 digital camera that does have the video facility, so that part can be achieved. However, I still have never managed to transfer any of my attempts to YouTube. Do I need special software to convert the video files prior to uploading them?

    I also have a tiny web cam but, again, I haven't the technical know-how to stream it online. It came without software, so I'm guessing that will also be the problem?

    Many thanks for all the great advice you post here.

    • Frugaldom

      My Canon A560 records in AVI format and it uploads to YouTube without any converting on my end. YouTube accepts many format and then converts them automatically so I don't think your format is the problem.

      For your uploading you should try the Advanced Uploading tool on YouTube. It allows Resumable uploads just in case your slow connection is the problem. You should be able to try several times and eventually get your file uploaded complete.

      YouTube also will let you record directly from your webcam. It should detect your webcam automatically. Just go to Upload at the top of the YouTube home page then a box with say Upload a video or record from webcam. See if that works.


    • Rick,

      With todays technology it can be very affordable. One can always spend more, but to spend less and still get good results, no thats what I try and find solutions for.

      Thanks for the Comment.


  2. Hey Todd,

    I like very very much how simply and how practicaly you present things. Video is very important, and one of the questions that haunt me are all about how to produce super professional videos with many pro effects, and also and above all, interactivity options (like live links that work inside a video…)

    Keep up the cool things! : )


  3. I am trying to make videos with a simple webcam. It isn't the easiest thing to do, but I thought it was too expensive to buy equipment. You have given me more ideas here. Thanks.

    • Ruth,
      I am glad I could help. If you need any more ideas or trying to work thru some problems, just let me know, I am here to help, no strings attached. This is what I do.


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