How To Use Twitter For Driving Traffic

How To Use Twitter For Driving Traffic

Update 04/26/2013: TweetAdder 4.0 software is no longer allowing the user to automate the auto follow / auto unfollow. For this reason I will be searching for new software to recommend.

03/24/2012 Upate: TweetAtacks is no longer available. So I have updated this post and I am now using Tweetadder.

This is the Super Simple Plan I use to drive traffic to my site and build my email marketing list.

One of the best Twitter Programs on the market today is Tweetadder.
This software allows you to follow automatically and then unfollow automatically if the person doesn’t follow you back in 3 days or whatever time period you want.

You can build a large list of followers automatically using Twitter programs. Now there are two views of thought on this.

1st, it has been said that you only need 150 targeted and active followers. Any more than that and it would be hard to keep up with all the questions and needs of your followers.

2nd, You look more like a trusted authority when you have a large following. Although a lot of the followers don’t even hear your tweets cause they just want a large following also. There are a lot of people on twitter just tweeting and tweeting and nobody is reading.

Now here’s my take on this question…..what is better?

I want totally targeted followers that engage me with questions and add to the answers for the whole group. In order to get these, I have to go thru a lot of followers to get there. You need to build a following as large as it takes to get these 150 interested followers. These followers are in my niche, some are for me to learn from and others are for me to teach from my experiences.

Ok, here is the step by step process.

Download Tweetadder (My favorite of all Twitter programs) It has a trial period for 300 followers and install and set it up.
If you need help on setting it up, just email me.

Run tweetadder every day or just leave your computer on and it will run automatically.

Follow from keyword or follow other guru’s followers, since these are already targeted followers.

Then start tweeting and retweeting premium content, some of it your own and some of it from other sites. Try and engage your followers. Use video and photos as part of your tweets. When you have a link to a video people are more likely to click on it than a regular shortened link. Always state it is a video or just use the Youtube link.

“Remember Engage, Converse, Share Ideas, Personally with your Followers”

If you try and build your followers too quick your account could be suspended. I have added 16 followers a day for the last 90 days on average using this software. I like to play it safe and be able to monitor all of the people the software is following. Of course you could set it up for a lot more.

By doing this method I am able to drive traffic to my site. Once there, the visitor then has a chance to subscribe to my site updates. That is what I ultimately want.

If you purchase the paid version you can do anything you want to market your product on twitter. It has to be the most powerful of all twitter programs I have seen.

Hope this helps, BTW tell me what Twitter programs you use for making twitter marketing easier?

Here’s To Your Success,


8 Responses to How To Use Twitter For Driving Traffic

  1. great post. i'm not a huge twitter fan for marketing but the more strategies i learn, the more i'm seeing this avenue promoted – so i guess i better get on the bandwagon. thanks so much. good luck with your efforts!

  2. Hey Todd,

    I have heard a lot of great stuff about Tweet Adder but mostly from MLMers with followers in the thousands!

    Are you still using this tool?

    I might get the paid version, I'm not sure yet.


    • Hi Sergio,
      No, I am not using Tweet Adder. I have backed off of any automation tool right now. Its kind of a test to see how my followers are adding up since I stopped. I haven't tweeted anything lately, running test on sites and experimenting with new traffic techniques.

  3. I totally agree with your method — haven't tried it myself, but I like that you're carefully using TweetAttack only to follow/unfollow.

    Personally, I use the ManageFilter to manually unfollow specific users who haven't followed back, but then you don't get the auto-follow feature.

    Only advice I have is to be wary of Twitter apps that autorespond and RT – that kind of stuff was great in 2009, but everyone's caught on to those lazy methods and it will probably only scare people away. Great post!

    • Nick,

      Yes I only used it for follow/unfollow and at a rate at which I can review my following.

      I haven't tried ManageFilter, will have to look into it.

      I agree with you on the Twitter Apps that autorespond & RT. I prefer to respond manually and post manually. I like interacting personally with those I communicate with on twitter or any other medium.

  4. Hi Todd,
    I identified you as someone worth following some time ago but did not follow thru… For some reason I today was the day I chose to read your great email and got inspired. I have tried affiliate marketing many times but could not get momentum going. Following along should be wonderful. Thank you for the oppty and your generosity. Charlie

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