My Affiliate Challenge – Setup a site in

My Affiliate Challenge – Setup a site in <8 hrs, make $250/m

My Affiliate Challenge Results:

I have been fed up with all the so-called “I have your solution websites” telling you that you can make $30,000 to $100,000 in little to no time if you just buy their program. That somehow it is different than all the others out there. And in fact it is so good, that once you do click the Buy Button and buy it. Then they will try and up sell you on another aspect of their program that makes it even better and will speed up your money making ability and so if you click the buy button again and then you are sometimes again taken to another page to try and up sell you again.

If their program is so good, why do you have to be up sold once, twice or even three times more. Here is what I believe, Their program can not deliver what it is suppose to, or else they would charge the whole amount up front and even tell you the whole amount up front. But no they have to miss lead you into thinking you are getting a great deal for $37 or $47 and then up sell you on the next $97 or $197. If you bail out on the first offer, you will notice you will be given a chance to buy it at a $10 or $20 discount. They are desparate to make a sell.

In the last 4 months I have looked at 130 programs and purchased 4 of them and all of them had a discount on the first bail of their page. They all also had 2 up sells at least. I test drove 1 program on the initial buy and the first up sell. The other 2 I only purchased the initial offer. After test driving all 4, I decided on one to keep and use for my Affiliate Challenge. Yes I requested refunds from the other 3 products, because they were GARBAGE.

I decided on PushButtonMoney (@ $27). I did not buy the up sells. The program is easy to setup and can be done in a matter of hours for the complete beginner. It offers a 50% commission for Affiliates. Basically the program lets you promote 5 different niches:, Internet Marketing, Music, Weight Loss, Muscle Building & Dating. Once you purchase the program you need to setup a Clickbank account and an Aweber account. After that you will need 1 domain name and hosting for each of the niches you want to promote. The System is browser based and can be used by Windows, Mac & Linux.

Just logon and choose your niche then you are asked for your email autoresponder list name and clickbank username for your commission. Then you are taken to your page where you can customize your squeeze page and then upload it to your domain. The squeese page is for capturing your prospects email and delivering them to the sales page. All you have to do is drive traffic to your squeeze page.

The program has extensive videos for teaching you how to setup everything you need to do. It is all there from Domain name to web hosting to autoresponders to how to drive traffic and use social media.

It is the most complete I have seen and doesn’t get too complicated. If you are a beginner or novice and want to learn affiliate marketing this will teach you the basics and have you setup in no time at all.

So I had this squeeze page setup in only a couple of hours. It is really basic and to the point. Then I was working on driving traffic the rest of the day. I have also come to the realization that no matter what program you choose, the most important thing you can learn is how to drive traffic. Without that skill you cannot make any money. Then you can promote any product that you believe in and make some serious money.

Now for my results.

I have been at this for 60 days and I have been driving traffic for about the last 50 days. To drive my traffic I choose to do it by video. I posted several videos and edited them several times even deleted some of them and reposted some I thought were better. All and all 60 days is not long enough to know what is working for your videos and what is not. I had some get a lot of initial views right after posting and then nothing after the first week or 2. And others I thought were better got nothing. I did learn how to optimize the video page after posting the video. I will cover that in another post later.

Well at the end of my 60 days I fell short on my $250 goal. I only got to $207. But I can tell you this was quite a learning experience. I will be writing more on actual step by step things I should have done differently. Even though I did not hit my goal, I am continuing my Challenge to see if I can maintain what I have built and get it to my $250 goal. Then how much work it takes to maintain it and grow it larger. I am all about creating passive income as much as possible.

Last year I purchased a Single Family Home as a rental property. I took advantage of the foreclosures in my area and got a good deal. The home generates me $265 a month in passive income. So now you see where I got the $250 goal from. When I bought the home the goal was $300 a month in passive income. I fell short on that because of an A/C problem that cost me more than I estimated and also the house did not rent for what I wanted it to. All in all the property was a good deal and I am happy to have made the deal. After I pay all my bills for the house, I bank $250 a month for the as long as I own the property. I have total $10,000 invested in this house and it returns me $3180 a year. Where else can I make a return of 31% a year? Thats right the Internet with my challenge sites.

So back to my challenge. I figure if I can build sites or landing pages or squeeze pages in less than a day and then drive traffic to them and earn at least $250 a month per site. Then I can build as many as I need for the income that I want. I don’t have to deal with customer support for the product. That is why I like affiliate marketing. I will always buy the product first, evaluate it and see if I like it and can use it and it is worth the cost. Then I will build a squeeze page and then drive traffic to my page.

Yes, the 60 days was not a lot of time. But I still think I will perfect my system and try again later with another product. Also during the 60 days I was also testing and writing for some other programs. I have told many of my readers to be focused on 1 item at a time as you will accomplish a lot more. I need to take my own advice. There are times I have 10 or 12 projects going as the same time and trying to finish them all so I can move onto my other 20 or 30 idea projects. For now I will be posting articles that have been a result of my challenge for the last 60 days.

Feel free to ask any questions that I have not answered here. If anyone has or is going to purchase Push Button Money please let me know and I will coach you with what I have learned.

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  1. Hi Todd,

    Hats off to your research. A year ago I started blogging, hoping to turn a career in PR/journalism into income, first on a humor site and then some microblogs. After a few months, the tsunami of wild claims and fraud did my head in.

    But I need to get back at at driving traffic. Basic questions for you:

    1) what do you use to take your videos and to edit them?

    2) I used Socrates for What program are you using for this blog and others?

    Timing and cajones are everything. I was in Dallas in the 80s after the bust but never bought any residential properties. Now I am overseas. Arg.



    Okie Down Under

    • Hi Bill,

      Tsunami, is a good way to put it. Every time I arrive on a page of wild marketing claims I exit out in seconds, never to return.

      I use Headway for this blog.
      My videos started out with a Canon A560 point and shoot camera. Then I got a Kodak Zi8 and have very happy with the results. Although I have not posted any of those new videos here yet.

      I don't do much editing, I shoot the video in one take then upload to youtube and use the online editor to clip the front and back of the video then post it and optimize the page. I try and keep everything I do simple and straight forward.

      to your success and good luck,

  2. Okay, sounds like I have found the right place to ask questions. Love your blog and read about the affiliate thing and that is why I am commenting. I do not know hot to drive traffic, I do not know how to make a squeeze page. I have a site at I can write till the cows come home, I understand some html, very little though. I can asthetically put a site together. I have been studying SEO and how to write my articles so they are search engine friendlyI I just don't know how to drive traffic…help me if you can.

  3. Todd,

    Thank you for posting this information. Is it possible to view some of your sites? I would interested in learning more about affiliate marketing. thanks Joelle

    • I was sending twitter and youtube traffic. Conversions I was getting was low (3-5%), My landing page was weak. I need to do a better job with those and put up more to better capitalize on search engine traffic.

  4. When I first saw this title My Affiliate Challenge – Setup a site in on google I just whent and bookmark it. Hi there there! I could have sworn I've been to this site before however after reading via a few of the post I noticed it is new to me. Anyhow, I'm undoubtedly glad I found it and I'll be bookmarking and checking back often!

  5. Hi Todd,_Great info for me, I've only dove in and purchased a bundle that has overwhelmed me. I have been trying to do 10 things at a time and I'm going nowhere. I will be following you closely and maybe even buy Pushbuttonmoney. I won't get rid of some of the products I have as I forsee them being useful. I have loads of time as I am retired, so I see me doing this if it takes me a lifetime, LOL, it probably will. OK, I am off to read some more of your articles. I have subscribed to your feed so you have me for life.

    • Yes, things can get overwhelmed real fast. I really try and keep everything simple. if you have any questions feel free to email me.

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