Why Affiliate Marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing

I believe in Affiliate Marketing, flat out, 100%.  I know Affiliate Marketing gets a bad rap in the online money making niche.  It attracts a lot of people seeking get rich quick.  It also attracts the less than honest marketers.  Get rich quick schemes have and always will be around.   On my blog I don’t want anyone to get that idea.  This is definitely not a get rich quick way to make money.  So why do I do it?  Its a win win win for everyone.  I recommend products and services that I have purchased and use.  The visitors to my blog come to me for info on what works in Affiliate Marketing.  So when I recommend something it is my reputation that they are counting on for me to point them in the right direction.  When they buy the product or service the price is the same as buying it direct from the company.  But many times I can offer a discount through my links, so they actually pay less than going direct.  And the company gets the sale that they spent no marketing dollars on, they just pay me a small commission.


the blog visitor buys with confidence from a recommended source they trust at a low price.

the blog owner makes a commission.

the company makes a sale with minimal expense.

I Promise to Be there for my subscribers

So why should my visitors buy thru my blog links? As an Affiliate Marketer I offer those that purchase thru my links free consulting on Affiliate Marketing.  I know my products and can give technical support, setup suggestions, and step by step instructions.  I will support my customers will all the help I can give.  And many of my customers i even call friends (not like facebook friends).  Really? Yeah Really.  I have and continue to build these relationships.  We all benefit each other, everyone brings something great to the connection.

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So I Quit!……Almost

I wasted way to much time going from guru to guru and buying countless Affiliate Marketing Programs that promised large sums of money.  I didn’t want to make millions. I just wanted help with the credit card bill, or the car payment, or maybe the house payment.  I just wanted to make $200 or 300 a month.  Even $100 per month consistently would have been great to start with.  But it never happened.

So I quit! and for over a year I didn’t even think about Affiliate Marketing.  When I returned I decided to figure it out myself and promised I would teach anyone that wanted to learn. And to do it all for free to anyone that wants.

As an Affiliate Marketer:
I will answer your Emails!
I only recommend what I buy and use.

I don’t promise get rich quick.

only post what works for me, what i have tested.

Its kinda like working for tips.  A waitress gets a tip based on the quality of service she provides.

If I provide great information and great service, then my tip will be the click.

I love what I do.  I have many time stayed up all night writing or recording or researching products or strategies.

No matter how much I write I feel that I am not even scratching the service.

What do you need To succeed in Affiliate Marketing?

can you work for 1, 2 or 3 years without making any money?

are you so motivated that you can stay up all night blogging?

are you honest, have high moral character and integrity?  (we need more of these people).

can you help others succeed before yourself?

Can you never give up?

and can you do all this and more before you can say you’ve made it?

Before you even make 1 Dollar?

These are not just the qualities of an Affiliate Marketer, These are also the qualities of a Successful Person.

Its a lot of work and it is not easy. That is why you need to Simplify the whole process or you won’t make any headway to your success.

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