4 Steps to Crushing it With Your Youtube Ranking – Step by Step

4 Steps to Crushing it With Your Youtube Ranking – Step by Step

My Step by Step process that will guarantee you more Youtube views.

Step 1:  Title

This is the most important part of ranking in the search engines for your video, because it describes what your video is about.

Chose 1 primary and 1 secondary keyword for your title. The primary keyword is put at the beginning followed by your secondary keyword. Then put your secondary keyword at the end again.

Example: Video Optimization – Step by Step Optimization

Remember your Title is your Headline, It must grab your readers attention and get the click.
Keep your title 8 to 10 words and 50 to 80 characters.

Your title must describe your video precisely.

Use the dash (-) and pipe (|) symbols to make your title easier to read.

Step 2:  Description

Your Description needs to be keyword rich article with your website address at the beginning. write about a 200 – 400 word article pertaining to your video. Treat it as a mini blog post. End it asking your viewers to comment. Engage your audience, ask advice, ask feedback, ask for criticism, ask for their story, ask for their experience, ect.

http://www.toddbrannan.com Step by Step method how to rank better with Video Optimization. If you take your time and approach it with a formula, you will see that you can rank much better than just throwing up a video and not taking the time to optimize it. There are many ways………..

In the description box on the video page only the 1st line is visible unless the viewer presses the “show more” button on the description box. So the first line of the article must show your website address and a opening sentence that pulls your reader in more.

Step 3:  Tags

Tags need to be relevant keywords. You may need to brainstorm for keywords or use a keyword tool to complete your list.

Example tags: video optimization seo ranking optimize

Step 4:  Additional Tips

Your video needs to be interesting enough so your viewers will watch the whole video to the end. The shorter your video the better to get your point across. A short video has a better change of being watched to the end. If people bail out after watching a few seconds it won’t rank high for your keywords. Because the search engine with think it is not relevant to your keywords.

Be sure to Allow comments

Chose the appropriate Category

Allow Video Responses

Use http://www.tubemogul.com for posting to multiple video sites at once (free service).

Leave some information out of your video. When you come to the end of your video leave a point or a tip incomplete and tell the viewer that they need to go to your website to get the answer. Or promise them a free gift download if they go to your website and sign up for your email updates.

Real World Proof

Now I want to tell you of a little experiment I did for a friend of mine. I posted this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzydnVn5NS8  on Feb 16, 2010 and it has only gotten 102 views as of this writing.

I reposted the same video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8YbBMlheww almost a year later on Jan 7, 2011 and it has 5036 views.

What is the difference? Just compare the title, description and tags. Also, I embedded the website address at the top of the 2nd video. That doesn’t change the rankings but it does give the website address more visibility.

I used http://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal (its free) to find all my keywords for optimizing the second video. The 1st video was uploaded with no thought to the optimization process.

That about raps up How To Get More Youtube Views and btw tell me about your experience in optimization of your videos.

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4 Responses to 4 Steps to Crushing it With Your Youtube Ranking – Step by Step

  1. I like to put the website link last and make sure that the description is short and sweet. I don't want to bore people. I want them to stay for the entire video.

    Having the link in the beginning of the description as opposed to the end doesn't make a difference in terms of link juice seo. It does however make it more likely that a viewer will visit the link.

    Hope this helps.

    • You are right that the link at the beginning of the description will not make it rank higher, but does make it more likely to get a click.

      Thanks for your input.


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